Welcome to Ayushe Ayurveda Yoga Retreat

 A place called life,
where the wellbeing of humans and nature
 is regarded the most precious wealth on earth

Ayushe is an authentic Ayurveda and Yoga resort, hidden in the evergreen hills of Koorotupara in Kerala, where the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda was born many thousand years ago. Ayushe is sincere and humble, run by a local family, an Ayurvedic doctor and professional therapists. To share and preserve its tradition and nature, Ayushe is now open to individuals and small groups. 

At Ayushe you will find:

a peaceful and personal atmosphere
to take your own time and space

beautiful bungalows in the heart of nature
under exotic trees, next to the mountain river

professional Ayurvedic treatments
oil massages, gentle yoga, herbal medicine and special homemade food

Ayushe welcomes you, to benefit from complete natural health care in complete harmony with yourself and nature. No matter if you seek recovery or prevention or simply reconnection.

We believe in simplicity, honesty and whole-hearted service to all

Doctor Lisona and her team live and work on site, with passionate and professional dedication. Please contact us for individual enquiry and consultation anytime.

Your Ayushe-Team